Employee of the Summer 2018

Leah Jasek

This is Leah's first year working with the Recreation Department. In her first year Leah worked with our 6-9 year olds at Sports Craze as well as worked with our 4 & 5 year olds at Fitness for your Brain & Body Program! Each day Leah came to work with a smile on her face and ready to take on the day. She is a great asset to our programs and we are looking forward to having her again next year! Leah has one of the best personalities and the kids cling to her outgoing personality. Leah is described by her co-workers as bubbly, fun, outgoing and far exceeding their expectations for a first year staff. Leah would help run our programs and assist in setting up games, organizing the kids into teams and participating with all of the kids in each activity. Great job Leah!

Employee of the Summer 2017

Jadon Wegrzyn

Jadon has worked for the Recreation Department for 4 years. Each year he comes back with more enthusiasm, character and dedication than the last. This year, Jadon instructed our sports craze program working with the 10-13 age group. Jadon came up with numerous different games, sports and activities to create a fun, safe learning environment for our older kids. Jadon has shown great leadership as his staff has made comments about him such as he is a "natural leader, he's creative, fun, energetic and all around great guy to work with" Jadon has also worked a few special events this year such as Paddles Up where he was our safety paddler, National Night Out as well as fishing club. Jadon comes to work with a game plan in hand and a smile on his face. His biggest recognition this year was his creation of "Harry Potter Olympic Day" which consisted of breaking the 10-13 year olds up into 4 house groups (Harry Potter themed) and organizing over 7 different relays and games that the kids could enjoy. It was a huge success. Great job Jadon! 


Employees of the Summer 2016

Brian Brennan & Benjamin Shaw


Brian & Ben are both outstanding veteran instructors for our Rec Department. Each day these employees came to work with a positive attitude and did their best for the camp and others around them. Brian and Ben set the bar high as they aided in running and organizing our programs production. These employees lead with enthusiasm and character and made our programs a great environment for everyone around. They are awarded not only for their dedication to the recreation department but also for going above a beyond the expectations of an employee. These boys witnessed a dog who was in need of desperate help and rushed the dog over to an animal hospital and comforted the dogs owner. Each day they ensure the safety and well-being of our programs and do what needs to be done without being asked. Great job Brian & Ben!